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Summer Ready LeAnn Rimes Discusses Workouts For Her Backside

LeAnn Rimes admits that she works "pretty hard" on her backside, and shares some workout tips for #TightTushTuesday.

Lawsuit Claims Johnny Depp's Jealousy of Amber Heard's Nude Scenes Led to Divorce

Amber Heard is being sued by a production company for backing out of promoting their movie, reportedly claiming Johnny Depp's jealousy over nude scenes pressured her away from the project and led to their divorce.

Sarah Hyland Addresses Promoting Anorexia, Struggle With Weight

Sarah Hyland addresses the critiques that her small frame is promoting anorexia, and addresses the "tough year" she's had while being on bed rest and losing muscle mass.

Scott Disick Gets Close With Bella Thorne in Cannes

Scott Disick and Bella Thorne display a little P.D.A. while lounging together in Cannes.

Hit Up Bella Hadid For a Pair of Sneakers?

Bella Hadid owns more sneakers than she knows what to do with, so she might start donating the more than 50 pairs of Nikes she loves to sport.

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