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Devine Carama Concert for Coats GMK 112620

Lexington activist Devine Carama, and his organization, raised just shy of $20,000 dollars for his annual coat drive for kids by hosting concerts.

11252020 Concert 4 coats

Devine Carama is preparing for the annual coat to keep the cold away concert

Covid Christmas concert to air on WKTV

Rehearsal for the concert took place at St. Patrick's -St. Joseph's church in Utica

ACA Fighting to Keep Our Music Alive

The Acadiana Center for the Arts is hosting a winter concert series, to try and bring music back amid the pandemic. It's just one way the center has fought for the culture of Acadiana, and the musicians that make it possible.

Red Bluff restaurant hosts live concert despite rising coronavirus cases

Coronavirus cases continue to soar. Despite the spiking numbers, a popular bar planned to have a live concert.

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