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Six people qualify for Aberdeen's special election for new mayor

Wednesday was the last day to qualify for the special election. Residents share their mixed feelings about the candidates and election.

Jackson County School District bond proposal passed by school board

The Jackson County School Board approved the next step in getting a bond issue to voters for improvements at county schools. Jackson County School District leaders are moving on to the next step following the school board’s four to one vote to approve a bond issue proposal for facility improvements. Superintendent Dr. John Strycker said, "We're excited about it, because of the amount of work that has gone into this, and so really it's the recommendation from all the hard work of what we feel is best for our school district and children facilities-wise for years to come." The proposal approved by the board is a $67 million, 20-year term bond with proceeds split among the three attendance centers of Vancleave, St. Martin, and East Central based on need in those areas. If approved by voters, schools, athletic, and performing arts facilities would see a mix of new construction or renovations. School Board Chairman Troy Frisbie said, "As a parent, you see there's obvious needs that need to be done, but things cost a lot of money, and the district just can't afford to do all the things that need to be done, so that's why you do a bond issue." With the thumbs up from the board, district officials, like Dr. Strycker, now have to move into campaign mode to explain the bond issue and potential tax increases to Jackson County residents. "We're not trying to twist people's arms to vote yes, as much as just making sure they have all the information they need, how much it will cost them going into it, whether they want to vote in favor or not." “That’s democracy. We want the voters to have a say in this.” As leaders prepare for the May 18th special election, they say they’re glad to be one step closer to providing improved learning environments for the next generation of students. "It’s going to be a very transformative bond issue where there's going to be things here where people's grandkids are going to be able to benefit from, and we're looking forward to that."

Troy Hershberger enters the Allen County sheriff's race

Allen County Deputy Chief Troy Hershberger announced he will be running for Allen County Sheriff in the 2022 election. He will be entering a race already featuring one GOP candidate.

Recall Gavin 2020 gaining traction

The movement to recall Governor Gavin Newsom said it has now surpassed the number of ballot signatures it needs to force a recall election, more than 1.5 million. Organizers say there is a likelihood that tens of thousands of those signatures will not be valid, so the push continues. Action News Now spoke to the leaders about the process, and to a Chico Democrat about why he doesn't agree with the push.